aerFreeTM AMS Features and Benefits

  • Non-Invasive:
    • Reduces risks associated with invasive devices
    • Applied externally
  • Simple to Use:
    • Applies to a patient in seconds
    • Minimal training required
  • Hands-Free Chin Lift:
    • Allows for optimal patient care
    • Improves workflow
  • Saves Clinician Time

aer+TM technology

aer+ technology applies gentle vacuum to the front of the patient’s neck to safely and effectively reduce the occurrence of upper airway obstruction.

Images show patients airway with and without benefit of aerFree.

Vacuum Regulator Recommendations for use with aerFreeTM AMS
  • The aerFree AMS System consists of a single patient use, soft, flexible collar and vacuum tubing. It is intended to be connected to a regulated external vacuum source in the operating range of -40 to -48 cm H2O (-29 to -35 mm Hg).
  • This regulator should have a vacuum limiting or safety feature such as digital display to enable accurate adjustment of the vacuum level. Suggested regulators includes Ohio Medical Models 1275 and Digital PC28D, or equivalent.
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