aerFreeTM Airway Management System

aerfree AMs Provides Value in Numerous Clinical Applications


aerFree is a first-line non-invasive airway support tool in the PACU to free up a nurse’s hands to perform other vital nursing activities. It will also reduce the risks associated with using invasive devices.

aerFree can improve PACU and facility throughout.

Ambulatory Surgery

aerFree AMS can be used as an alternative to invasive airway devices, reducing the risk of airway compromise during mild to moderate sedation when an anesthesiologist is not present, such as colonoscopy, upper GI, and other short term procedures.

Cath Lab

In settings like the Cath lab and other imaging environments, where an anesthesiologist is generally not available, aerFree AMS can help prevent unnecessary interruptions.

aerFree AMS can help reduce proximity to the radiological field by reducing the number of manual interventions required during procedures.


aerFree AMS can be used to minimize sedation related disruptions during MRI procedures.

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