Because You Only Have Two Hands

aerFree AMS helps YOU make better use of them

First Non-invasive
Airway Management System

aerFree AMS provides
comfortable airway support

Redefining Airway Support

aerfree AMS provides hands-free airway support

First Non-invasive
Airway Management System

aerFree AMS helps keep your patient's airway open
Resolving Airway Issues Begins
with Avoiding Them Altogether
aerFree AMS provides hands-free airway support

aerFree AMS Overview

Sommetrics Acute Care introduces the first and only device cleared as an External Negative Pressure Airway Aid

aerFree™ AMS is a non-invasive, comfortable and easy to use airway device. aerFree AMS redefines the way clinicians manage a patient’s airway.

The Problem

Upper airway compromise is a common occurrence during sedation, anesthesia and post anesthesia recovery
Frequent occurrence of upper airway dysfunction associated with sedation is a safety concern in clinical settings where an anesthesiologist is not routinely available
Publications document the common occurrence of upper airway compromise
Current methods of addressing airway compromise are invasive, time consuming, uncomfortable for patients, present risks and require special training

Our Non-Invasive Solution


The aerFree Airway Management System (AMS) utilizes patented aer+ Technology to simply and safely support the patency of the upper airway during medical procedures requiring mild to moderate sedation.

FDA cleared for airway management in adults undergoing medical procedures of less than 2 hours in duration, where the patient is intended to receive mild to moderate sedation with non-propofol containing medications.

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